Nina makes corporeality congruent with the landscape. In our memories, the familiar places often stand for a sense of peace and security that we once felt, but just seemingly so. With time we realize it is not true shape and form but an open, empty frame - for we have passed through it already. And so we come to know that personal space always travels with us. Taking the nomadic approach, relieves us of the need to be defined. The project itself builds around metaphoric locations. The difference in motifs represents a freedom that comes from not being bound by a defined space. With this crux, the story begins and comes to an end. A deep breath of anticipation. A calm before the storm. Time demands new spaces, but does not pass by counting years and minutes. It is but a part of the change itself. The inarticulation of things imposed and demanded of us to respect, is turned into a lie. The beauty is in the peace that comes upon us completely after a struggle.


excerpt for exhibition text by Eugen Borkovsky, curator

SEVEN, 2013

digital print 100x70cm, video, handwritten text, video loop 2:37min

installation view- Fonticus Gallery, Grožnjan, HRV