Nina Šperanda


folded digital print of an old map of Istria

East West North South is a project dealing with aleatoricism, political and personal identity.



The old map of Istria is folded into a childhood game we used to play, serving as a vessil for predicting the future while trying to find out the answers to our questions and possible development of future events just out of curiosity.


Constructed out of an old map of Istria, a Croatian region with rich history of occupation.  The identity in the region of Istria and among its people has always been regarded as specific. 

Istrian people consider themselves as a part of a completely separate state. Država Istra as they call it. 


The maps has been folded into a game we used to play as children. On the outside of the folds we would write the sides of the world and inside one would write the possible answers to our questions. It is an aleatoric game of chances and possible futures.


This work is a visual jeu de mots dealing with the aleatoric elements and unknown possibilities while using the element of game referring to political issues, group and individual identitiy.







Lockets express what it means to be human in absolutely distinct terms. They celebrate what it means to love, and to honor. They mark what it means to remember and to mourn. In this way,  lockets and charms offer us a window to our past.  

Perfect Parents is a project questioning the possible existance of an arrangement described by the  phrase ¨Perfect Parents¨.

The form of a pendant necklace was chosen because it implies a deep conection and personal relationship that a person has with his or hers family. You hold the dearest and  the most precious (or the most scariest?) near your hearth, in a pendant or a locket.


As children, we tend to be strongly assured that our parents are in fact perfect. This premises dissipates with time, as we grow up and realize that this kind of perfection is not possible nor even realistic to expect often leaving a trauma or unresolved issues lingering into ones adulthud.


This work playfully deals with the only possible way a relationship can be quidem perfect. One is blinded (and knowingly chooses to be 'blind') and the other cannot speak and thus the possibility of communication of any kind is annulled and in this ways so is the possibility to hurt the other  thus making the relationship ¨prefect¨.



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silver pendant, digital black and white print