This body of work was deeply influenced by the aesthetic of surrealism, psychoanalysis and cinema, also the artistic experiments from authors like Magritte, Dalí and Buñuel.  Dreams are the core of different psychological interpretations and subject of many surrealist works. But there is an important biographical fact which combined with these influences and was the overriding stimulus for creation of these photographs. My consistent sleep deprivation and problems with insomnia triggered the formation of this artificial dream sequence. I was trying to find a substitute for “real” dreams, as if I was creating an “alchemical experiment”, a “potion” that will, if not, cure insomnia at least play the role of an adequate substitute. 

By the cinematographic and photographic means of expression and by interchanging the faceless figures with the fragments of the space I tried to depict to the viewer the experience of a lucid dream. Technically, I used digital technology supported by an old Meopta’s Flexaret camera mat focusing board (the TTV technique) which played the part of “projection canvas” for the scenes I constructed in front of the lens and made them more somnolent. These dream sections are representing fragments of memories, vague visions of faceless characters and spaces which we encounter; they are symbols of unconscious fluctuations of the human mind. They are reminiscences of the day, of the childhood and our short-term memory. I wanted to explore, to “capture” that elusive déjà vú moment in which everything we see and experience seems so familiar. As we already lived through that same scenario. Although strange and uncanny, we are aware of the “freshness” and actuality of the experienced and through our eclectic memory we find adequate interpretations. By re-examination of pragmatic experiences and by subtle play with spectators’ senses, I wanted to explore the mechanisms of the human sub-consciousness and make them read through the layers of their personality. By invoking subconscious currents we might find the underlying pattern in this random and accidental imagery.

This body of work offers insight in just one possible dream version, a scenario subordinated to changes... It is without possessor, it floats freely throughout the hypnotic universe of reveries. Maybe this time it is mine, some other time it will be yours, somebody’s, everybody’s...

Nina Šperanda, IV. 2010.


TTV technique digital print 100x100cm

video loop 1:22min